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The seventh member of the Old 3C Label Group is Tone Scholar Recordings of Columbus, Ohio, directed by Paul Nini (Closet Mix, Great Plains, Log, Peck of Snide, etc.), whose band Closet Mix is the first to appear on the label. Nini’s previous bands and solo efforts have been issued by Old 3C Records, and he’s also the guy who runs the Old 3C Label Group.


| TS 01 | AWY 92 | Closet Mix, 01 EP | 5 songs
Closet Mix is Dan Della Flora (drums), Chris Nini (keys), Paul Nini, (vox, bass), and Keith Novicki (guitars, vox), and this is their long-in-the-making, debut digital and vinyl release. The band name comes from Sterling Morrison’s derogatory term for Lou Reed’s mix of the Velvet’s legendary third LP — and that’s appropriate, as they keep things kind of slow-ish, quiet-ish and a little moody. Watch the videos that we made for all five songs on the Old 3C YouTube page. Vinyl is limited to a pressing of 200, co-released with our good friends at Anyway Records, available late-summer 2016.
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| TS 02 | Fruitpie (The Magician), Self-Titled | 19 songs
Fruitpie (The Magician) is a solo project of Randy Cheek, veteran of Cincinnati, Ohio-area bands The Ready Stance, Ass Ponys, The Fairmount Girls, The Libertines US, and some others going too far back for anyone to remember very well. Recorded on a 4-track cassette with a broken SM-57, a Kay Guitar, a battery powered Dr. Sampler and a radio. The hiss is an integral component of the composition (and proof of the Big Bang). No computers were used in the recording process.
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