Midwest Music Liquidators

The ninth member of the Old 3C Label Group is Midwest Music Liquidators of Chicago, Illinois, directed by Mike Ritt. Past bands include The New Normal, House of Brunettes, Shades of Al Davis, and Peck of Snide, all with releases on Old 3C Records. He’s currently a member of The Dry Look, which can be seen performing in Chicago’s finest dive bars and music rooms.

| MML-20221 | Mike Ritt, Seattle 4 Pack | 4 songs
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| Review | Dagger Zine (Tim Hinely)
Seattle 4-Pack is Mike Ritt’s fly-in affair made at the newly expanded Crackle & Pop! studio the very last weekend of 2018 with producer Johnny Sangster and the Venn intersection of The Young Fresh Fellows (Jim and Tad), The Tripwires (Jim, Johnny, Dan) and Mudhoney (Dan) providing Wrecking Crew-worthy performances. A follow-up to the “Sprightly Sounds of the New Normal” CD (streaming everywhere!) made with Jim, Johnny, and Tad at Egg Studios in 2001-02, this new one is at least 17 years more advanced yet equally caffeinated.
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Please contact Midwest Music Liquidators at old3clabelgroup@gmail.com.