Carousel Horse Records

The tenth member of the Old 3C Label Group is Carousel Horse Records of Columbus, Ohio, directed by Mark Sims. Past and present bands include The Tough and Lovely, The Black River Gypsies, The Southern Diplomats, The Wells, Miller Kelton, Eileen Motok and Intuit, The Thrashers, Anthony Michael Lowe, First Time Long Time, Erika Carey and the Calamities, The Japanese B- Sides and more. Mark also performs as a solo artist around Ohio and elsewhere.

| CHR001 | Mark Sims, The Luddite | 11 songs
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The Luddite is an eclectic album that reflects on the pandemic, raising kids, the death of friends and family, marriage, and nature. Mark draws on influences such as Nick Cave, Bill Callahan, The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Lou Reed, Eliot Smith, Bob Dylan, and more. After making a demo version of the album he recruited some great drummers and singers to fill out his songs and add a wider sonic range. We think you’ll like the results.

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