Naked Walls Records


The fifth member of the Old 3C Label Group is Naked Walls Records of the Columbus, Ohio area, directed by Ed Shuttleworth, whose project Red Skylark is the first to appear on the label. Ed’s been in several bands over the years, and one of those, Vena Cava, has a previous release issued by Old 3C Records.

| NW 01 | Red Skylark, self-titled CDR | 9 songs
Written, played, and recorded by Ed Shutlleworth at his Owl Nest Studio in Granville, Ohio, with assistance from Joe Nelson, David Chatterton, and Kirk Richard Smith. The discerning listener may hear some Cheap Trick, Guided By Voices, and other midwest touchstones — and there’s nothing wrong with that kind of tasty, audio-flavor combination. So, have at it, rock and rollers.
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| NW 02 | Van Echo, Endless Winter, Episode 1 | 2 songs
Songwriter, guitar-slinger and crooner Ed Shuttleworth is joined by a new line-up of pals from Cincinnati’s The Ready Stance — Wesley Pence (guitar, vox), Brian Kitzmiller (drums), and Randy Cheek (bass, vox) — and the fellas bring the melodic but muscular indie-rock, big time. New songs, new band name. Long live Van Echo.
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