Welcome to Old 3C Label Group

The Old 3C Label Group operates as a cooperative from the city-state of Columbus, Ohio USA, and currently includes the following artist-run, micro-indie record labels:

01 | Old 3C Records (2015 – 1999) | Artists | Reviews

02 | Lonely Ochre Recordings

03 | Problematic Records

04 | Twolick Recordings

05 | Naked Walls Records

06 | Pyramid Scheme Records

07 | Tone Scholar Recordings

08 | No Heroics Records

09 | Midwest Music Liquidators

10 | Carousel Horse Records

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Here’s an Old 3C Spotify playlist with a song from each artist.

We work with the good folks at The Orchard to supply digital downloads of our releases to a variety of online vendors all over the world.

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